SATTVA is the quality that Yogis point their attention towards, making liberation possible. Founded by Rameen Peyrow, the SATTVA yoga practice was born out of one question, one seat, and one mantra. The question is ‘Who Am I,’ the seat is meditation, and the mantra is AUM. The sattvic state of being is the best suited for spiritual practice because it is a deep and authentic state of pure and true balance.

SATTVA Yoga is the merging of two ancient paths within the yoga tradition: Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga. Hatha Yoga is known as the Yoga of force, using the physical body and breath to balance the energy of sun & moon, Ida and Pingala and using the physical body as an avenue to spiritual development. We begin by purifying and cleansing the physical and energetic bodies until we reach a level of sensitivity and intelligence of how the body and breath work together. The physical body and the breath work together to become a conduit of inspired potential, the ultimate seat of the Yogi.

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